2.8mm Aluvision Curved Concave LED Panel 1/12 circle


  • Seamless, modular LED video walls
  • Aluvision curved panels offer an immersive creative LED wall solution with all the benefits of the Aluvision Hi-LED range including total compatibility with Aluvision and competitor frame systems. Featuring LED technology from Absen – there is no compromise in visual performance.
  • Aluvision is an excellent solution for exhibition/trade show use – but can also add visual impact to corporate and experiential events.
  • R1476 30degree concave curve panels can be built together to form the Aluvision tunnel, or can be built into creative configurations together with Hi-LED55, Hi-LED55+ and R437 panels.
  • Hi-LED R1476 Concave
  • 1/12 circle segment
  • Pitch 2.8mm
  • Novastar LED processing
  • Can be used for the Aluvision ‘Tunnel’ packages
  • Matches the standard Omni-55 A3 R1476 frame v2