3.9mm Transparent LED Panel


  • The Gloshine Creative Transparent LED features a high-res 3.9mm pixel pitch, one of the highest on the market, a seamless design and a curvable option.
  • Ideal for exhibition environments, retail spaces and events, the Transparent LED offers a new take on traditional LED displays – giving your audiences a new perspective on conventional displays.
  • With high-transparency and an immaculate cabinet, the Transparent LED is a stunning technology ready to bring your idea to life.
  • High transparency: The 3.9mm pixel pitch makes our Transparent LED one of the highest resolution transparent products on the rental market, as well as one of the most transparent, with a 40% transparency rate.
  • Creative curve: Get creative with our 3.9mm Transparent LED, and use its optional concave curve of up to -5 degrees.
  • Flown capabilities: The Transparent LED panels can be both ground supported and flown for maximum effect and can be built to your specified size or shape.
  • Slim and lightweight: The 3.9mm Transparent LED weighs just 5.8kg and has a depth of just 80mm, making it the ideal solution for pop-up campaigns, exhibitions and events.
  • Pixel pitch: 3.91 mm - 7.81 mm
  • Resolution (pixels): 256 x 64
  • Resolution for content creation: 256 x 128 pixels
  • Cabinet dimensions: 1000mm x 500mm x 80mm
  • Brightness: 600-800 nit | 2000-3000 nit
  • Viewing angles: 160˚ (H) /160˚ (V)
  • Cabinet weight: 5.8kg
  • Refresh rate: 1920Hz/3840 Hz
  • Max. power consumption: 380w/m ² | 400w/m ²
  • Best viewing distance: >3m
  • IP Rating: Ip54
  • Curve (optional): -5°C ~ +5°C