2.5mm MR Brompton Series Professional LED Floor Display


  • Absen MR-Series adopts a two-in-one design featuring an aluminium chassis cabinet and a separate optional carbon-fibre sub-floor frame, allowing the option to install a thinner and lighter LED floor solution in certain applications where the floor can be built without adding sub-frames at the bottom.
  • The MR2.5 adopts a high-strength frame design to ensure safety and firmness. The maximum load-bearing capacity is 2500kg/㎡, which ensures safety & durability through challenging on-stage activities. The surface of MR is covered with a matte finish which is easy to clean as well as features a scratch-resistant layer, creating a long-lasting and high-impact visual staging effect.
  • Designed for xR & Virtual Studio Compatibility
  • MR2.5 uses a GOB SMD packaging process resulting in deep blacks with a non-reflective surface. Specified with Brompton R2 processing, the wide colour gamut and high-contrast performance of MR2.5 produce impressive in-camera performance versus other LED floor technologies.
  • The MR floor can be combined with PL2.5 Pro V10 Brompton 2.5mm LED walls to create stunning floor-to-wall 2.5mm displays running from the same Brompton controllers. These products are perfectly suited to xR stages and virtual studios, as well as eye-catching corporate and live events.